How to fix error windows 10 mouse lag on new operating system future ?

Windows 10 does not excuse a very minor bug in Windows 8.1, but it does not appeal to users and wants to find a way to resolve or fix the problem. Today blog will introduce the direction of the same operation on the old operating system that you can apply on the latest version of windows 10.

  • To overcome this situation, Microsoft has released the patch called KB2908279. And to fix the problem then you have to download and install to use
  • Depending on the version of Windows 8.1 you are using, there are two options for you to download in two versions : 64-bit or 32-bit.
  • If you are not sure about your version of Windows then you can press the Windows key on your keyboard and type in Cotrol Panel. Select System and Security and select System from the menu to check whether the version you are using is 64-bit or 32- Bit

=> Fix the Registry Error

  • It can be said that Microsoft’s patch did not completely eliminate the problem thoroughly because they only provide to fix or patch large software programs are many users. So how to fix the registry in many users as well as suitable for all programs and all types of games.
  • But before fixing errors in the Registry, you still have to download the patch to complete the new fix in the Registry
  • You press the Windows + R Run dialog box will display, then enter regedit and then Enter

  • Then find the following registry key¬†: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ AppCompatFlags \ Layers

  • You probably will not find Key Layers, but do not worry that you can create more of this key by right-clicking on the AppCompatFlags key, selecting New -> Key, entering the key name of Layers, and then pressing Enter.

  • Create a unique name for the program and then click on Layers then select New, click String Value, then enter the full path to the game’s executable and Enter.

  • Right-click on the key you just created select Modify. Enter NoDTToDITMouseBatch and press Enter

  • Finally, open a Command Prompt window, you press the key combination windows, press Command Prompt, and then click Run as administrator.

  • Press Enter and enter Rundll32 apphelp.dll, ShimFlushCache

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How to fix error windows 10 mouse lag on new operating system future ?
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