How to install windows 10 parental controls on computer ?

Parent Control on the Windows operating system is beneficial for protecting the safety of children while using the computer.In this article, the blog will guide you how to use, set up Parental Control on the system on operating windows 10.

1. Sign in to Micrsoft Family and see your kids activity on the computer

  • Click on the child’s name.
  • View and adjust settings on the Activity Reporting interface on the child account page.

  • Block a specific site or application that children visited earlier by clicking Block.

2. Set up Parental Control settings
Here you can find and adjust one of the Parental Control settings using the DropDow Menu in the top corner of the page.

2.1. Setting up a Web browser

  • Switch to block inappropriate content to Off or On. By default, adult content is blocked.

  • Add the URL of any website you want your child to visit or block your child from accessing.

2.2. Apps, Games and Media

  • Allow or disallow children to download “inappropriate age” app and games. By default, games and inappropriate apps are blocked.

  • Choose the right kid’s app, game, and social network from the DropDow menu on the Windows Store.

2.3. Time to use the computer

  • Enable time limits for children to use the computer. By default, this feature is disabled.

  • Set the amount of time you want your child to use the computer. Each day you can set the start time and end time periods to limit the amount of time children spend on the machine.

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How to install windows 10 parental controls on computer ?
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