Customize audio settings with stereo mix windows 10 on computer

Ever need to record something on your computer exactly as it comes out of your speakers? Enabling “Stereo Mix” will let you do exactly that, and here’s how to do it.

Nowadays, most sound cards have the ability to record whatever is being output. The only hang-up is accessing that recording channel, which can be done rather easily.

Step 1 : Right-click the speaker icon on the right speaker of the screen -> Click Sound ( customize the audio settings that are transmitted through the devices ).

Step 2 : The interface that shows you move the tab through Recording -> Right mouse click on Show Disabe Devices ( display the device to be installed )

Step 3 : The device will appear and you click on the right device to activate -> Right mouse click Enable

Step 4 : Go to Control Panel -> Check Realtek Audio HD Manager

Step 5 : Click Stereo Mix to check modified results

Step 6 : You can have full control and if you do not like to put everything on default -> Click Default Device

Note : Here you can customize the sound record or large ( fine tune right, too big to break sound )

You can boot up the sound ( this way you can hut the sound outside )

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Customize audio settings with stereo mix windows 10 on computer
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